Our Client Engagement Process at GetLeads: From ICP to Conversion


At GetLeads, we have fine-tuned our client engagement process to ensure optimal lead generation outcomes. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how we work with our clients to drive success.

Defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

The first step in our process involves thorough research to define the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This profile includes crucial details such as geographical location, industry, job roles, and company size. By clearly identifying the target audience, we can ensure our outreach efforts are directed at the right contacts.

Audience Research

Using a variety of databases and tools, including LinkedIn and Crunchbase, we identify companies and key contacts that match the ICP. This research encompasses key job positions, company sizes, and geographical regions to ensure comprehensive targeting.

Outreach and Communication Proposals

We design and implement outreach strategies through LinkedIn and email, employing both automated and personalized approaches to maximize response rates and conversions. Our proposals detail the cost of services, projected results, sales funnels, and guarantees for the number of qualified leads (MQLs and SQLs).

Funnel Forecasting and Adjustment

Our forecasting includes estimates for the number of contacts, connections, responses, and qualified leads, based on both average and pessimistic scenarios. We provide recommendations for improving conversion rates, ensuring our clients have realistic expectations and actionable insights.

Consulting and Training

Beyond outreach, we offer consulting on best practices for social selling, enhancing LinkedIn profiles, and cost-effective outreach methods. This guidance helps our clients achieve better results and become more self-sufficient in their lead generation efforts.

Leveraging Client Resources

We integrate client resources into our process, including personal accounts for outreach and managers to handle dialogues and negotiations. This collaborative approach ensures that our clients’ internal capabilities are utilized effectively.

By combining meticulous audience research, strategic outreach, continuous consulting, and effective use of client resources, we help our clients achieve high conversion rates and close more deals. Our process is designed to deliver measurable results and foster long-term success.

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